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Why To Apply To Study In Latvia


Despite of all our true efforts, visa might get rejected due to various reasons. One year ago, the same profile with same funding was getting the NZ study visa quite easily but not today because the NZ immigration is probably not welcoming students in NZ. In such situation can a student do something??

My answer is No and Yes

No because one cannot do anything to affect the decision of the visa officer who approves the visa according to the immigration and government of particular country. 

Yes because we can apply for a country which has good visa success rate as ultimately to start off the career we need the study visa. Additionally none of us likes to see visa rejection.

In India, there is good demand of studying in Europe among all categories of the students. Those who follow factual approach, can easily determine that how to find European countries having good visa results. If we continuously follow the statistics released by different Embassies, such decision would become easier. Even if we do not follow, Google research also gives reports.

As per recent report released by Schengen Embassies, top 5 visa approving countries are as below:

Latvia has the best visa success rate which is 99% or better say almost 100%. That means if the student gets the offer letter and meets the entire criterion like funding, Gap etc, student gets the confirmed visa.

The best part of Latvia is that visa formalities are very easy as compared to that in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK etc. Other benefits of applying in this country are:

1. Very Low Fee
3. NO Visa Interview
4. Gap accepted
5. Schengen Visa
6. Very Old Universities
7. Low fund requirement (5-6 Lacs)
8. No Old Fund Required (10-15 days )
9. Very less visa processing time ( 7-10 days)

If Latvia offers so many advantages and if by applying in Latvia, we can insure that we will get the visa , I do not see any reason why we should not opt for the Latvia obviously only if we get the course of our choice.

If after reading my article you also want to apply or if you need any further information, you can contact me on below number or email Id.

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