Sunday, 31 December 2017

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Change in the Study visa process of Latvia


Recently Latvia Changed the visa process to apply study visa (Long Term Study Visa).

The old process included:
  1. Earlier one had to take an appointment directly with the embassy and visit for the file submission.
  2. At file submission only candidate face the visa interview.
  3. Fund Show: Provide a bank balance certificate of close to INR 5 Lacs and provide a letter of sponsorship.

However, now when many were prepared to file their visa as per the old visa process for the spring 2018 intake, they are surprised by the new visa process.  Few changes are not matter of worry but few are.

First let’s understand the new complete process:
  • Get the unconditional final offer letter 
  • Pay the AIC fee 
  • Once AIC comes out to be positive, pay the Tuition Fee
  • Get the Contract letter , Invitation Letter and Accommodation Letter from the university
  • Arrange all the documents
  • Take the appointment from VFS Latvia
  • Visit the VFS for file submission
  • If file submitted at New Delhi then only Candidate will be called to embassy for the Visa Interview. Else candidate needs to visit his VFS of appointment for the interview in video conferencing mode.

Change in the fund document requirement

  1. Provide three month bank statement
  2. Provide 3 year  ITR of the sponsor  

Those who are applying and not having stability in their account movement, need to file their application carefully.

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